Your job is to master the art of putting on multiple hats and you must acquire them by ANY means necessary - catch them; steal them; embezzle them; seduce them if you must, just get the damn hats.
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  • Born out of the popular video series from The Escapist, 'Zero Punctuation', Creator Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw developed a high-energy game of skill and, well, hat wearing.
  • The newest Hatters Gonna Hat edition is a downloadable version of the original web game, Zero Punctuation: Hatfall.
  • What's New? The 'Hatters Gonna Hat' edition will feature brand new mini-games, new content and updates to all existing mini-games so that it is fully optimized for PC.
  • Haven't played Hatfall yet? The premise seems simple. Hats are falling from the sky (because, why not?) and it's your job to catch them on your head.
  • Mastering the fine art of hat catching isn't nearly as simple as you might expect. Look out for anvils and refrigerators falling from the sky; the multitude of clones running around trying to confuse you; and that f**king short-tempered wizard.